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Watch Out For These Bad Money Habits (2013-6-25)

So many of us make money mistakes and have poor money habits.  The worst part about it is that often we do not realize we have bad money habits until they are pointed out to us.  Sometimes we know they are bad money habits, but we do nothing until someone says something and we feel somewhat guilty.  For […]

Bad Money Habits That Get Handed Down To the Next Generation (2013-6-10)

There are many people who have bad money habits.  These habits tend to get passed down to the next generation.  Unfortunately most parents and children do not recognize that these bad money habits get handed down from one generation to the next.  Knowing the habits that get passed down is the first step to stopping them. Accepting store […]

Are You A Victim Of These Bad Money Habits? (2013-6-10)

Many of us are victims of bad money habits.  Some of us know that we are, while some of us are blissfully unaware.  Sometimes all it takes is for someone to say something about to make you feel guilty enough to change those bad money habits for good.  It is usually a struggle to change them but it […]