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Prepaid Cards Continue To Be Popular Amongst Many Americans (2013-9-28)

Ever since they were introduced to the market we have seen prepaid cards pop up almost everywhere. As companies realize that these cards meet the needs of the people, they are coming out with even more. Knowing this it should not be a surprise that these cards are still rather popular amongst many Americans today. […]

Start Living Frugally (2013-9-23)

Everyone is trying to make their money go farther these days.  It just does not seem like we can afford much anymore.  More and more people are trying to live a frugal lifestyle so that they can save more money.  Here are some tips to help you start living frugally. Obviously you will want to start using coupons.  Even […]

Technology Trends in 2014 (2013-9-8)

Technology changes all the time.  It usually seems as though once we go buy the newest piece of technology and get it home we find out that the newest model has just hit the store right after we left.  In order to keep up with technology it helps to know what the trends will be not only […]