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Forget Black Friday, Go Black Thursday Shopping (2013-11-26)

Now, deals start on Thursday night.  They start so early in the day that it should now be called Black Thursday.  The deals that are being put out on Thursday this year are expected to be even better than the deals that will be out on Friday. This is leaving many wondering if they should […]

Watch Out: Scam Artists Are Taking Advantage of Those In Need Of Payday Loans (2013-11-22)

For years payday lenders have been around to help people who may not have anywhere else to turn.  The services they offer help many people all across the United States every day.  Now there are some criminals who are pretending to be payday lenders in order to scam those who are in need of the help that […]

Excuses People Make When It Comes To Not Saving Enough (2013-11-13)

We all know that saving is important and it is something that we need to be doing. That being said, not nearly enough of us are saving nearly enough money. Every day we seem to have one excuse or another for why we are not saving money, and often we do not even realize we […]

Money Saving Tips for Expecting Parents (2013-11-7)

Raising a child is expensive, everyone knows that.  However, no one knows just how expensive it is until they are going to have one for themselves.  It can suddenly hit you like a ton of bricks, you are going to need money, and a lot of it in order to raise this child.  Here are some tips to […]