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Make Money on Your Hobbies When You Are Retired (2014-1-23)

When most people retire they like to take their newly found free time and do some hobbies. There are ways to turn those hobbies into cash. This means that when in retirement you can earn money and not have to worry about running out of money before your retirement ends. Many people like to go […]

Save Money on Your Pets (2014-1-16)

Everyone wants to save money. Some people feel that it is hard to do when you have animals. There are many ways that you can save money while still caring for your animals. The first way is to not over feed your pet. Overfeeding will use more food causing you to have to spend more […]

Stop Wasting Your Money (2014-1-6)

No one wants to spend more money on anything than they have to, but without realizing it Americans all over are wasting money every day.  Their intentions may be good, or they may not be thinking at all.  Here are some tips to help you realize what does waste your money so you can stop wasting your […]