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Financial policy of Trump- Indicators to watch out for    (2017-9-12) Imagine it is the mid of the month and you need some money and your salary has all been spent in mortgages and bills. Cash advance loans to your rescue. These are the loans taken for very short period and are payable on your next payday. Easily available, these loans are beneficial as well […]

Former FDIC Head Joins Board of Online Lending Group (2016-4-25)

In a move that may prove to be quite surprising to some financial analysts and experts, Sheila Bair – formerly the head of the United States Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. – is taking on a new role. Bair is set to join on as a member of the board or an online lending group called […]

Comcast Sends Paying Customers to Collections Agency (2015-12-22)

Comcast is one of the largest cable providers in the world. You’d think that a company like that would have their act together. However, it appears that they have made some serious slip-ups as of late; slip-ups that have a large portion of their customer base very upset. People who have been happy customers of […]

Millennials are Making Purchases on Their Own Terms (2015-9-9)

It seems like the media is onto somewhat of a negative trend when it comes to labeling millennials. They call them lazy, self-obsessed, entitled and ungrateful. In every generation you are going to find people with these negative traits. And even the best of us can be any combination of those descriptors at any given […]

Wells Fargo Pulls Back from Subprime Auto Lending (2015-3-25)

For years now, Wells Fargo has been one of the largest providers of subprime auto loans. It appears, however, that the financial giant is trying to distance itself from the very market that brought it so much business over the years. This move is sending shockwaves that are being felt all throughout the entire auto […]

Law Makers Should Back Off Of Payday Lenders (2014-5-12)

There are states that have completely banned payday lenders and there are other states that are working to do the same. Do the law makers who are working to do this, or who have already done this, have the right to do so? Do they have the right to take away financial help from the […]

We Will Most Likely See More Data Breaches This Year According To Experts (2014-4-28)

With the data breach that hit Target in November still fresh in our minds we are learning that more stores are coming forward saying they too have had data breaches. Experts are saying to expect to hear more of this this year. They expect that the amount of data breaches that happen will go up, […]

Identity Theft Report For 2012 (2014-4-14)

Everyone knows that there is a threat of identity theft that they should be worrying about, but unfortunately not everyone worries about it like they should. Many people think that it will never happen to them and they continue on with their lives. The unfortunate reality is though, that identity theft has risen and that […]

The End of the Smartphone Password? (2013-12-6)

It can be so hard to remember all the different password for all the different accounts you have.  Many of us even have a password for our smartphones.  Now Apple has released a phone that lets you forget about having to remember a password for your smartphone. How busy are you?  How much do you have running through […]

Watch Out: Scam Artists Are Taking Advantage of Those In Need Of Payday Loans (2013-11-22)

For years payday lenders have been around to help people who may not have anywhere else to turn.  The services they offer help many people all across the United States every day.  Now there are some criminals who are pretending to be payday lenders in order to scam those who are in need of the help that […]