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Prepaid Cards Continue to grow in popularity among Unbanked American Consumers (2016-9-19)

It wasn’t too long ago that on birthdays or other occasions that called for gifts people actually bought a present for someone. Sometimes, of course, people would forego purchasing an actual gift and just give other people cash and a card. Fast forward a few more years, and we saw the rise in popularity of […]

Consumer Mortgage Complaints Highlighted in Latest Report from CFPB (2016-7-18)

It looks like consumers are still having a lot of issues when it comes to the servicing of their mortgage loans. Additionally, lots of people have been complaining about it being difficult to make their loan payments to their lenders. All of this information comes via the most recent monthly complaint report from the folks […]

One Thing Rich People do that we ALL Need to Start Doing Right Now (2016-6-27)

By now, most of us know that it is wise to put money away in savings, and that we should all be doing this more than we already are. However, saving money is not always easy. One group that has seemingly no problems saving money, however, is the richest people amongst us. The super wealthy […]

Do You Know the Major Differences Between TeleCheck and ChexSystems? (2016-3-15)

Do you have a checking account at your local bank? If you do, you may have heard about the systems many banks use; systems that you don’t want your account to wind up being a part of. These systems are TeleCheck and ChexSystems. They are used to track information for people who have made mistakes […]

Can You Budget Smarter and Keep Finances under Control with a Prepaid Card (2016-1-12)

While nearly every financial “expert” out there seems to go on and on about the importance of sticking with a budget, and with nearly all of us agreeing this is important, we all have to admit that sometimes we fall short of sticking with our budgets. Even the most frugal people in the world have […]

It is time to repeal regulations that harm the Unbanked (2015-9-30)

Financial inequality has become a hot topic in the media recently. It is high time that this important topic began to get more mainstream exposure. Not only are we seeing the perpetually wealthy become more and more financially prosperous, but we are also seeing more United States citizens and households becoming drastically under and un-served […]

How Do You Know if Your Credit Score is Wrong? (2015-2-11)

No matter how hard we may try to avoid it, our credit scores are always going to follow us around. Taking into consideration the impact that your credit score has on your life, it is a good idea to know what your scores is, and to take action to bring it up if it is […]

Many Americans Are Needing Basic Money Management Skills, Study Shows (2014-8-4)

Most of us like to think we have at least basic money management skill if not more. A new study shows, however, that this is not the case for many Americans. In fact it seems as though most Americans are in need of basic money management skills, but they may not even know it. The […]

Deal With Your Credit Before You Look Into Buying a House (2014-7-21)

Buying a home is one of the great American dreams. It is something that many people strive for. It takes work to get to the point where one is ready to make that big of a purchase, you have to save up some money, qualify for a loan, and find the right home. Before you […]

Your Child’s Behavior Now Can Help Predict Their Financial Behavior In The Future (2014-6-23)

You may not have realized it, or even ever thought about it, but the behavior you observe in your child now can actually indicate how their financial behavior will be when they get older. If you watch them in various situations you will have a better idea of what they will most likely be like […]