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Do Not Become another Victim of Identity Theft (2014-3-14)

Identity theft is something that we should all fear. We hear stories of other people and the struggles they have to deal with when their identity has been stolen. Many people think that this is something that will never happen to them. One question that everyone should ask themselves however is that if an identity […]

Scam Artists behind Many Free Trial Offers and Are Making Millions Off Of It (2013-12-23)

We have all seen adds for free trial offers and thought that might be a good idea, try something for free to decide if we like it before we buy it.  Some of us wonder though, what is the catch, nothing is free anymore, especially not in this economy.  As it turns out many of these offers […]

Protect Yourself from Social Media Identity Theft (2013-10-23)

Social media has become a big part of most of our lives.  We keep in touch with people we otherwise might not and we can share just about every detail of our lives through social media.  This is not always a good thing however; identity thieves know how to use your social media site against you to […]

Be Sure To Watch For These Identity Threats In 2013 (2012-10-13)

Everyday hackers and identity thieves are working on new ways to steal your identity.  Time Magazine has reported that 2.5 million of the dead have their identity stolen every year.  Even the dead have their identity stolen?  Obviously no one is safe.  It is expected that there will be four ways this year that are going to be seen […]