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A Possibly Gloomy Future for Fast Cash Loans and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Under Trump (2017-10-3)

Donald Trump from the initial days of his campaign has been very vocal regarding his dislike for the regulations under the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which was set up on 2010 in relation to the protection of consumer rights. It was not an unknown fact that everyone was very much sure about the possible dim […]

Bill to Fix Payday Lending Glitch Rejected by Lawmakers (2015-3-4)

A Hinds County Democrat, Representative Adrienne Wooten, led an unsuccessful bid, once again, to repair a glitch in a payday lending law in Mississippi. This law was slated to give borrowers a longer repayment term of 30 days to repay loans that exceeded $250. As it now stands, borrowers have two weeks to repay loans […]

Payday Loans Really Do Provide Much Needed Help to Millions of People (2015-1-21)

Even though the United States economy has been on the rebound for some time, and unemployment rates are finally beginning to level out a bit, there are still about 1/3 of the households in the U.S. that earn less than $35,000 a year. Add to that the fact that almost 20 percent of United States […]

What is a Cash Advance? (2014-12-22)

We all have those times in life; times when we need to get some cash fast, but the credit cards are maxed out and payday is a long, long way off. Say that the car needs a repair, a trip to the ER results in a medical bill that has to be paid, or the […]

Crucial Information About Online Cash Loan Services (2014-12-8)

Even though the country is on the road to recovery after the most recent recession, there are still plenty of people out there going through lean financial times. Paying the bills and taking care of the bare necessities is often difficult, if not impossible, with many people living from one paycheck to the next. But […]

Payday Loan Users Are a Financially Savvy Bunch, According to Survey (2014-6-9)

There has been a debate for some time now about payday loans and whether or not they are good for the consumers who use them. Some say that they are bad for the consumers and that they do not know what they are getting into. Unfortunately for those people a new survey has been released […]

Payday Loans and Your Credit Rating (2014-3-31)

Most likely you have heard many reasons to get a payday loan and many reasons not to. You may not know what to believe. Well, many of the negative things you hear about payday loans are not even true. One thing about these small short term loans that is true is that it can actually […]

Alternative Lending Is On the Rise (2014-2-27)

You may hear about payday loans, also known as cash advances and payday advances in the news. Getting one of these loans is alternative lending. Despite all the negative things people have to say about these loans, they are on the rise. This has a lot to do with the fact that those who say […]

You May Not Believe What Banks Made Off Of Your Overdraft Fees Last Year (2013-10-8)

No one likes having to pay overdraft fees.  It seems as though every year those fees get higher and higher.  It seems we have to pay more and more while the banks just get richer and richer off of us.  You may night believe what banks made off of your overdraft fees last year. Moebs Services is an […]