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Surefire tips to turn you from a Money Waster into a Money Saver (2016-7-18)

Are you still saving money in the old piggy bank, or counting the spare change in your car’s ashtray as your savings account. If so, you may also be wondering just how successful money savers are able to do it. How do they manage to make putting money away in savings a priority and a […]

Think Online Shopping Killed Shopping Malls, Think Again (2014-7-7)

It is no secret that online shopping has become more and more popular, especially during the holidays. Many find that it is convenient to order what they want online and not go out and face the crowds at shopping malls. This has led many to believe that online shopping has taken enough consumers and sales […]

You Too Can Live a Frugal Lifestyle (2014-5-26)

More and more people are looking to live a frugal lifestyle these days. They are realizing the importance of putting money away in savings accounts and therefore they know that the spending must be limited. Depending on your current way of life, changing to a frugal lifestyle can be a big chance. You can do […]

Save Money on Your Pets (2014-1-16)

Everyone wants to save money. Some people feel that it is hard to do when you have animals. There are many ways that you can save money while still caring for your animals. The first way is to not over feed your pet. Overfeeding will use more food causing you to have to spend more […]

Forget Black Friday, Go Black Thursday Shopping (2013-11-26)

Now, deals start on Thursday night.  They start so early in the day that it should now be called Black Thursday.  The deals that are being put out on Thursday this year are expected to be even better than the deals that will be out on Friday. This is leaving many wondering if they should […]

Excuses People Make When It Comes To Not Saving Enough (2013-11-13)

We all know that saving is important and it is something that we need to be doing. That being said, not nearly enough of us are saving nearly enough money. Every day we seem to have one excuse or another for why we are not saving money, and often we do not even realize we […]

Money Saving Tips for Expecting Parents (2013-11-7)

Raising a child is expensive, everyone knows that.  However, no one knows just how expensive it is until they are going to have one for themselves.  It can suddenly hit you like a ton of bricks, you are going to need money, and a lot of it in order to raise this child.  Here are some tips to […]

Start Living Frugally (2013-9-23)

Everyone is trying to make their money go farther these days.  It just does not seem like we can afford much anymore.  More and more people are trying to live a frugal lifestyle so that they can save more money.  Here are some tips to help you start living frugally. Obviously you will want to start using coupons.  Even […]

Coupons for Pets (2013-5-26)

Everyone knows that you can find coupons for things that they need.  They can find coupons for anything from household items to food to hobby supplies.  However, there are many pet owners out  there who do not know that they can get coupons for the things they need for their pet. If you have a pet and […]

Tips for College Students to Save Money (2013-3-27)

We have all heard them be called poor college students.  One thing to think about is that if they save their money when they are in school, maybe when they graduate they will not be as poor, and have good money habits.  Here are some tips to help college student to save money. If you are not […]