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How Social Media Can Affect Your Career (2014-9-1)

It is no secret that the younger generation loves technology and social media. They love to use technology to share everything they do with social media. We are in an age where they think that it is fine for everyone to know everything, and include pictures when they have them. What the younger generations need […]

Smartphones, New Target for Hackers (2014-8-18)

When we first started carrying cell phones we did not have to worry about people hacking into them. All they could do was call someone, then they evolved to where we could text, play some games, and even take pictures. Now, however we have smart phones and the possibilities of what we can do is […]

Technology That Is On Its Way Out (2013-12-30)

It seems as though every time we turn around there is some new piece of technology being worked on or about to hit the market.  It can be rather exciting for many of us as we enjoy new technology.  One thing we do not think about, however, is that when we get to a certain […]

Technology Trends in 2014 (2013-9-8)

Technology changes all the time.  It usually seems as though once we go buy the newest piece of technology and get it home we find out that the newest model has just hit the store right after we left.  In order to keep up with technology it helps to know what the trends will be not only […]

Vehicles That Can Communicate With Each Other? (2013-8-9)

The technology in vehicles has become so advanced.  Not only is there fun stuff for us to use, but there is a lot of technology that we forget about, technology that helps to keep us safe.  Now car makers are working on making it so that vehicles will communicate with each other in order to avoid crashes, […]