Comcast Sends Paying Customers to Collections Agency

Comcast is one of the largest cable providers in the world. You’d think that a company like that would have their act together. However, it appears that they have made some serious slip-ups as of late; slip-ups that have a large portion of their customer base very upset. People who have been happy customers of the company for years have been forced to spend hours of their own valuable time to try to fix billing mistakes that the company has caused. It turns out that Comcast has taken additional money from some customers by way of automatic payment technology and they have even turned some of these paying customers over to collections agencies. These agencies have contacted these wronged consumers to demand payment – on bills that people didn’t even legitimately owe on.confused

According to one customer who was wrongly accused of not paying his bills, “I called Comcast a total of 10 times beginning 5/31/2014 and wasted at least 10 hours of my life trying to fix a problem that they created. In making those calls I was hung up on, transferred, and dismissively told to just wait it out.” Talk about being mistreated by a huge company: this guy not only got accused of not paying his bills, but he was subject to being dismissed by customer service employees who should have been more than happy to help him out.

The customer that we just told you about reported that the problem was supposed to have finally been fixed back in November of last year. However, he has had to continually call Comcast up to this very month and has still not had any satisfaction on the issue. This Comcast customer went on to say, “It blows me away that the burden is on me to fix their mistake and that it is taking so much of my resources. I really would like to bill them for my time.” He went on to explain that he is very concerned that these issues are going to lead to his credit score getting dinged in the very near future…

Journalists contacted Comcast after hearing about this situation. They were referred to the PR group for the company. A spokesperson for Comcast indicated that research was being done on the issue. After that statement, it was not too long before the company contacted the jilted customer to let him know that the issue had, indeed, been resolved.

It seems that this billing mistake took place when the person moved two times over the course of only three months. He had spent some time living with his parents, while he waited for closing on his new home to be complete. The error was supposed to have been caused by the cancellation of his existing account and the moving to a new home.

According to the Comcast customer, “Apparently they need to link your accounts when you move, and Comcast neglected to link my first location to the second and so continued to bill me for service I no longer had. They did, however, link my second to third location and so there was no problem with that move.”

This person realized that Comcast was still charging him for service at his previous address, and contacted them to get it fixed in late spring of 2014. He happens to have also stopped automatic payments to the company to stop them from taking even more of his cash. However, before he did this, the cable provider took an extra $176.77 from his bank account without telling him about it.

People need to pay close attention to the companies that they make payments to every month. Comcast may not have been charging this person extra on purpose, but they sure took their time in actually resolving the issue for him. Don’t let the big companies take advantage of you like this.

Luann Abel posted at 2015-12-22 Category: Blog